Kenny Pedini Executive Producer


“I was born.” declared Mr. Pedini, “and then I discovered Van Halen,” answered Kenny when asked about growing up on Long Island. As far as producers go there is no one better to have on your side when you’re in the heat of battle trying to make something. “Oh wait, first there was KISS wasn’t there,” Kenny corrected himself before telling us about his time at the King Kullen Deli counter. “Meat was simple, but production is so much more rewarding.”



Michael Schwartz Creative Director


“I was working with a team on a commercial as an editor,” remembers Michael, “we were really diving into every aspect of the spot when the writer asked me, ‘do you consider yourself more of a writer or an art director?’… hmm, I don’t know, I guess as an editor you get to work on every discipline, what do you call that?” I asked her and she said, “sounds like a creative director to me.” That was in 1995.





Directors are kings of the live action shoot and can rule a production with creativity and confidence. Along with a cinematographer the director suspends our belief by weaving together the script, location and most importantly the cast. If the job of director is done right you never have to hear those ominous words, “we’ll fix it in post.”




A great film editor I remember had a poster on his wall behind his moviola and trim bin. It was a picture of a beautiful yet sad woman looking longingly out her window, the headline read, “Never love and editor.”



VFX Artists
VFX Artists

VFX Artists are like doctors of visual magic, they can do amazing things but they do have their specialties. Whether it’s 2D or 3D, motion graphics or type design, compositing or color our visual world is rich with talented people willing to solve any visual problem. Check out some of our artists’ reels or ask our producers for guidance.




If you watch all of your content with the sound off like those financial guys who have CNBC on all day you probably don’t appreciate the audio craftsperson, for the rest of us sound can make or break a production.

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