Picking work to represent all we do is like a parent picking a favorite child. One thing we can say about the samples of work below is that we are extremely proud to have been part of it. Our contributions to the work on this page ranges from full service production, also known as “soup to nuts,” to the individual disciplines of Writing, Shooting, Editing, Graphics and Audio .



The following key indicates our involvement.

Pencil and idea word. Hand-drawn illustration, EPS10






The portfolio is broken down into a few categories: TV, Digital, Event Visuals and Movies.




NCH “Cardboard Box” :30 – TV commercial and web video.

editing-video Graphic-Design2011.01-justinorr

The model and the box, a provocative idea from creatives/directors Frank Anselmo and Leo Zanis. TBL was able to convince Radiohead to contribute their music, the first time they ever agreed to license a track for a commercial.



“Bypass the Ordinary” :30 – TV commercial and web video.

directors.chair_.film_editing-video Graphic-Design2011.01-justinorr

Creatives brought a great concept for The Heart Institute to TBL with one small challenge: no production budget. We came up with this simple recipe; start with selecting stock still photographs, make them come to life by adding motion and add a type treatment that echoes the “heart” conceptually and you have an unlikely award winning commercial.




Jeep “Mark” :40 – web video.

editing-video Graphic-Design2011.01-justinorr

Getting to know the people behind one of the most iconic brands in world is just one of the benefits of  online brand videos.


RW BTS “Digitize” – web video.

Pencil and idea word. Hand-drawn illustration, EPS10directors.chair_.film_editing-video Graphic-Design2011.01-justinorr

When former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters wanted to chronicle what went on behind the scenes during The Wall tours, he had TBL produce over 25 web videos on topics ranging from the technical to the personal. This project accompanied TBL’s  production of all the visuals projected on the wall during the concert.


“Beyonce” – concert.

directors.chair_.film_editing-video Graphic-Design

Beyoncé “Back to Business” Concerts from ThinkBreatheLive on Vimeo.



“A Cup of Coffee” – short film.

Pencil and idea word. Hand-drawn illustration, EPS10directors.chair_.film_editing-video Graphic-Design2011.01-justinorr

A Cup of Coffee from Breathe Editing on Vimeo.

Movies written, produced and post produced by ThinkBreatheLive.





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